Coat hanger lobby update: terrorism in Wisconsin.

Via ThinkProgress:

Planned Parenthood In Wisconsin Bombed | Police are investigating after a homemade explosive device started a small fire at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Grand Chute, Wisconsin. A small device placed on a windowsill went off around 7:30 last night and started a fire. Firefighters responded, but the fire had burnt itself out when they arrived. The clinic was empty and no one was hurt.

This is the definition of terrorism, but unless the perpetrator was Islamic, the word “terrorism” isn’t likely to feature prominently in any news coverage.

The state has been debating a number of bills that critics say amount to a “war against women,” including one limiting abortion coverage in private medical plans and another basically equating single motherhood with child abuse.

If you’re having some trouble getting your blood pumping this Monday morning, check out that link on the Wisconsin legislation equating single motherhood with “child abuse.”  You’re welcome, people!

I’m pretty sure my extraordinary mother, my extraordinary sister, and my extraordinary friends raising extraordinary children without a partner would all beg to differ.

I’ll have to ask Rob Zerban about this, but apparently the panty-sniffers in the Wisconsin legislature share the same good fortune as their colleagues in Georgia in having no other pressing problems to contend with in the entire state.  Of course everyone else in the state has to contend with a severe outbreak of Conservative Personality Disorder among their elected representatives.

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