UPDATE: Robin Hood for Rob up to $89.50.

Unsurprisingly, the Democratic party leadership is feverishly emailing the Palace using the right-wing agenda to raise money that it will then use to fund members of their own party who support the exact same agenda.  At the time I posted yesterday, our pledge to give Rob Zerban’s campaign against Rethuglican Paul Ryan whatever amount the Dems cynically ask us for in advance of tonight’s fundraising deadline had the Palace on the hook for $60.50.

Today we can add Bill Clinton (“$5 or $10″ so we’ll go with $7.50), Guy Cecil ($5), James Carville ($3), Kevin McKeon ($3), Barney Frank ($3), and Al Franken (“$5 or $10″ — another $7.50), bringing our running total for Rob’s campaign to $89.50.

Speaking of Rob’s campaign, he sent out an amusing missive this morning, with the subject line “The Romney Ryan ‘Bromance.'”

Dear Iris:

It’s official- Paul Ryan is in a “bromance” with Mitt Romney. The Democratic National Committee released a video about this relationship yesterday.

Romney-Ryan will be campaigning around the state before the April 3 primary. Ryan is doing this campaigning during his “constituent work week” when he is supposed to be focusing on the needs of the people.

I wonder if they will both put their dogs on the roof of the campaign bus?

Once again, instead of focusing on the people of the 1st District, Paul Ryan will campaign for selfish millionaires.

Rob is referring to the infamous incident wherein Romney strapped the family dog Seamus to the roof of his car in a cage and took off on a long drive, whereupon the terrified animal shit itself.  He calmly pulled over, hosed off the car and the dog, put him back on the roof and continued on his merry way.  As Liss put it:

That’s some serious presidential material right there, boy. In fact, I’m pretty sure the “emotion-free crisis management” that had a dog shitting itself at 65mph is precisely the same kind of “emotion-free crisis management” that has our wounded veterans convalescing in abject squalor at Walter Reed.  You know—the “emotion-free crisis management” that means you don’t have to concern yourself with the details of life forms you consider to be beneath you, like dogs and soldiers. And, oh I dunno, brown people, gays, and women.

(See also: dogsagainstromney.com)

I helpfully suggested to Rob yesterday that he should put a cat on top of his car and follow them around.  I was (of course) kidding, but he did get a laugh out of it.  I also observed that it appears Paul Ryan is angling for the VP spot on the Romney ticket.  *Barf*

Rob told me yesterday that “Some days are just great and this is one of them. Let them drive around like fools we will beat them because despite their money and the conservative media, they are obviously corrupt and lack any moral conviction.”

In other news, our little campaign for Rob has been picked up by the awesome Howie Klein at his blog DownWithTyranny!


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