Update: Robin Hood for Rob up to $60.50.

As of the time I posted yesterday morning, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz had just cynically asked the Palace for $3 on behalf of the DCCC by touting “extreme attacks against women’s health care”… which $3 the DCCC would immediately turn around and use to reelect conservative Democrats who are also attacking women’s healthcare.

This brought our total pledge for Rob Zerban to $39.*

As of this post, we can Patty Murray ($5), Chris Van Hollen ($3), Jason Rosenbaum (“$5 or $10” — ooooh!  an ethical  dilemma!  I think the fair thing to do is go with $7.50), John Kerry again ($3) and Joe Biden ($3).

According to my ladymath, the Palace is now on the hook for $60.50.


*Note: I am not including in my calculations any solicitations from individual candidates (Sherrod Brown, Kirsten Gillibrand, Barack Obama, etc.), because this is not the same thing as the party leadership hypocritically using issues as boogeymen to raise funds for members of their party who support those issues.  I was sorely tempted to include Barbara Boxer email shilling for conservative Democrat Claire McCaskill ($5), but the pitch is technically for a single candidate’s campaign. If we are feeling benevolent and/or scornful on Saturday night, we may toss an extra five bucks to Rob Zerban because we so detest Claire McCaskill.  Hate for Rob to miss out because of a technicality.

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