Coathanger lobby update: investment opportunity!

Top search terms this past week that brought people to the Palace include “naked women in stirrups” and “cervix penetration.”  We sincerely hope all of our new readers found their experience here satisfactory!

We all know there are medical fetishists out there, and far be it from us to pronounce judgment on sex play between enthusiastically consenting adults.  But still, I had the sneaking suspicion that all these stories mentioning laws requiring medically unnecessary transvaginal ultrasounds may have let this particular kink out of the closet. Then it occurred to me:  maybe social conservatism has a high correlation with medical fetishism, and that’s what all of these mandatory rape laws are really about!

We believe someone besides ExxonMobil should benefit from the Wingnut War on Women, don’t you?  Well, here is a prediction for all you investor types:  there will be a massive uptick in the market for “shaming wands” as the mandatory transvaginal ultrasound trend continues to flourish in state houses across the land and sexually repressed conservative legislators discover that they get that special tingly feeling in their junk when such laws are discussed.  Local and national news stories will have the same effect on their constituents of course, unleashing an awareness in wingnuts of their medical fetish for the very first time.  I’m sure Milton Bradley is already working on Texas Abortion: The Home Game! for the adult market.

Get in on the ground floor early, Palace readers!  Shaming wand futures are UP!  And remember:  you heard it here first! 

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