Women having sex are like serial killers. It’s true!

Digby just retweeted a Matt Iglesias link to a post that has to be seen to be believed.  Background:  Irin Carmon is an excellent staff writer at Salon, who recently wrote what is probably an excellent piece entitled “The pro-choice reawakening.”  I did not personally read that piece, because (a) I’ve been really fucking busy, and (b) as a pro-choice activist my entire adult life, I never went to sleep, and spend a great deal of time on this blog and elsewhere yelling for people to wake the fuck up.  I just figured the headline sums up some welcome good news, and I’d read it when I got the chance to catch up.

Oh, but some dumbass wingnut did indeed read it, or at least part of it.  And — thank the Internet gods of entertainment — that dumbass wingnut has… a blog!  Here is the entirety of his insightful takeaway on Carmon’s probably-excellent article:

Irin Carmon says we get to just make up whatever moral rules please us:

“The Rush Limbaughs of the world don’t get to define the boundaries of appropriate sexual or moral behavior. But something is happening: Women are defining those boundaries for themselves, with many men alongside them, and they’re being reminded that there’s a concerted movement to take that right of self-definition away. And we’re mad.”

Hey, and let’s have serial killers define their own morality for themselves as well. It’s hard to see how Carmon could object to that, except to say it doesn’t fit her definition.

I submitted a comment there that’s currently awaiting moderation, so it probably won’t get through — and if it does it will be allowed for the singular purpose of replying with some original witticism, like “Shut up and make me a sammich, bitch.”  But as it turns out, I have a Palace, so I can post it here:

Oh, absolutely.  Women and other enlightened peoples’ long and continuing struggle to redefine sexual morality in terms of enthusiastic consent is exactly like letting serial killers define morality for themselves.

Sad to see so many tragic cases of Conservative Personality Disorder making asses of themselves on the internet, but what can you do?  Oh wait!  I remember: I can laugh my ass off!


You just cannot even satirize people like this d00d:  Poe’s Law proves it pointless, every time.  And to call him an idiot would be an unwarranted insult to all the well-meaning idiots who are still trying to parse this whole new-fangled “women are people” whatchamacallit.

And so, we must mock.

One thought on “Women having sex are like serial killers. It’s true!

  1. Just to add fuel to the fire those CPD suffers are inflicting on the rest of us, there’s this from one of the really big members of their group. It’s bad enough when the US contingent says and does stupid things on their own, but now they’re getting help from the Supreme a hole.


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