Rehspekt mah authoritah.

I was reading this very good article at Alternet on Americans’ responses to whistleblowers, and this part leapt out at me:

Drawing on data from the World Value Surveys and other sources over multiple years, the sociologist Claude Fischer has found that U.S. citizens are “much more likely than Europeans to say that employees should follow a boss’s orders even if the boss is wrong.” They are also more likely “to defer to church leaders and to insist on abiding by the law,” and more prone “to believe that individuals should go along and get along.”

In my experience the very best bosses (unlike these @$$holes) are successful team leaders, who invariably welcome challenge, dissent and constructive criticism from anyone and everyone on the team.  They also rarely march around barking “orders” like cartoon military generals.  That particular fantasy is part of conservatives’ sick little hierarchy fetish, one that the entire world, including the business world, would be much better off without. (“I was just following orders!”)

But good for those Europeans who are less likely to defer to “church leaders” than Americans are.  It appears that on the other side of the proverbial pond, people have had just about enough of that shite.

Apparently, our fellow citizens have not.

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