Mission-Critical Test Post


SJ here. I debuted as a guest poster on February 18. At that time I submitted the text to Iris via email, and she posted it. Now we’re trying to set it up through WordPress so I can post directly.

And thanks for asking – the answer is, “Yes, I’m shocked that anyone trusts a loose canon like me with such a sensitive responsibility. But that’s our bold and fearless leader, who is obviously prepared to handle any and all challenges. Just don’t blame me.”

Anyway, pardon the interruption – hope it’s the last.

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About SJ

I'm an older married guy, a former college psychology instructor and editor at a national magazine. Every stage of my very full life has been dominated by a passionate interest – from chess to distance running to photography (my current interest). I write under a pseudonym because the opinions I express, particularly about religion, might very well cause problems for my wife and me. I plan to "come out" after she retires. In the meantime, I'll do my best to defend and promote science and reason and to help keep power out of the hands of the proto-fascists who have declared war on just about everything I value.

3 thoughts on “Mission-Critical Test Post

    • Okay, already, guilty as charged; I accept full responsibility – High Priestess it is. So cut a tired old guy a little slack this time and I’ll make it up to you, somehow.

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