Palace is tops in customer service.


Among the top search terms that led ‘netizens to the Palace this past week are the following:

  • “women raping women pics” and
  • “woman being hanged.”

I sincerely hope our new readers were pleased with the quality of content the Palace provides on these important and timely topics!  For the ease of reference of these researchers and other feminist scholars who may find their way to the Palace, the key graphics featured in the discussions of these issues can be found below, and clicking on them will link to the original posts in which they appeared.

We trust this will prove helpful to all of our allies in the battle against misogyny.

Artist representation of Texas healthcare provider raping woman.

(Or “Virginia healthcare provider” — take your pick.)

Image of witches being hanged, 1655 (via Wikipedia)

One thought on “Palace is tops in customer service.

  1. Hi Iris, thanks for the images, quite an eye opener!

    Read an article earlier that follows this thought, follows if you like long, winding paths! It’s how the Catholic Church increasingly forces it’s views down the throats of the rest of the country that are not members of their church. So much for “separation of church and state”, it increasingly seems that it’s very much a “win / win” for the Church. Also, in a side article, it points out the business side of their Hospital operations. They take in almost $90 BILLION a year in revenues!!!!!!!!!! Not such a small, charitable business. Seems that they should start being taxed on their properties, what an uphill road that adventure would be! But, they a now doing in Italy, Italy!!!!! of all places!

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