Stuff I saw yesterday that I couldn’t blog about!

The Book of Romney:  John McCain’s 200 page opposition research file on Mitt Romney from the 2008 primaries has been posted online in its entirety by BuzzFeed.  It makes for some interesting reading.

U.S. losing high-tech manufacturing jobs to Asia:  According to a National Science Board report, U.S. high-tech manufacturing jobs dropped by 687,000 —  28 percent — between 2000 and 2010:

Although the long decline of manufacturing employment in the United States is often attributed to the cheaper wages in developing countries, China and developing countries in Asia have in recent years sought to lure more sophisticated manufacturing operations — and better jobs — by expanding their engineering prowess through government investment in education and research.

Obama rejected the Keystone XL pipeline.  Not because it was the right thing to do for the environment, of course.  (Don’t be silly.)  The Grand Oil Party forced a yes-or-no deadline, and he was practically forced to call their bluff.  In May of last year, I noted a recent uptick in the rhetoric from various Democratic Party organizations that mentioned “Big Oil.”  At the time I concluded that “on or about April 15, 2011, the Republicans officially secured the lion’s share of ExxonMobil’s and BP’s funding for the current election cycle.”  Looks like they may have bet on the wrong horse.

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