Occupy San Francisco — Part III.

It’s early here, and I’m having trouble sleeping.  I flipped on the TV.  The local CBS affiliate just reported that the OSF encampment was raided by hundreds of police in riot gear shortly after 1:00 AM local time.  Over 50 people have been arrested.  Police are still clearing out the camp, and arrests are ongoing as protesters keep crossing police barricades.  The police chief said at the site that communications between the occupiers and the city had broken down over the past few days.  He also said the protesters’ belongings would be bagged, tagged, and available for pickup at the Department of Public Works later today.  Two police officers were allegedly assaulted, with only one minor injury reported.  A reporter on site said police had locked down the surrounding area so he could not get close enough to interview the protesters.  He did report, however, that occupiers told him they would now be showing up in various places in the financial district in small groups, and would now be able to set up and tear down their encampments in less that 15 minutes.

I’m so sorry, my new friends.  Good luck.

In solidarity,

One thought on “Occupy San Francisco — Part III.

  1. Iris,

    Beautiful post and I do hope you come to visit us in San Francisco again. You write with intelligence and a keen sense of what’s important, but it’s the heart that shines through. Sunday night I and my friend the cook delivered food to the rag tag camp (15 to 20 occupiers) at 101 Market. Monday night they were evicted with a huge police presence. They are not going away, just decentralizing their domiciles at this point. They continue to have a voice through multiple websites. There will be on-going marches and actions.

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