Bipartisanship sucks.

Whenever the two parties come together and agree on anything, it is always a conservative policy, and it is never, ever good.  Thus it is no surprise that Republicans are now showing support for Obama’s a payroll tax cut extension.  Conservatives just luvs ’em some tax cuttin’ of course, but what really gets their little lobes a-throbbin’ is destroying Social Security — and Obama’s payroll tax cuts help to accomplish exactly that.  What’s not to love, if you’re a conservative?

One thought on “Bipartisanship sucks.

  1. They support the tax cut not the funding method. The funding method insures that social security isn’t affected because it taxes the super wealthy as it should. Social Security is sitting on a 2.6 trillion dollar surplus right now. If the dipshits in DC would quit borrowing against it then social security would be fine. It’s never contributed one penny to the deficit and has been a cash cow for many GOP’ers and Dems for decades. The attack on social security is coming from the right, not the left Iris. As it should be…

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