Oh, nevermind Iceland.

Ever-astute loyal reader Jim Pettit commented on my Iceland post, and helpfully pointed out that the article on which it is based is replete with so many factual errors it may as well have come from a featured segment on Fox News.

Unlike, say, conservatives, those of us who value intellectual honesty and prefer hard truths to comforting fictions must acknowledge and seriously consider evidence that runs counter to our present understanding of the world, and be willing — better still, eager — to change our views in light of it.

Here’s the deconstruction of the source material.  It comes, as Mr. Pettit puts it, “straight from the Norse’s mouth.”  (Hahaha.  BWAHAHAHA!)

Granted, Naomi Klein’s original post was apparently based on a translation of some Italian radio story, so, ya know, perhaps she ought to have fact-checked it before repeating its more exaggerated and/or dubious claims?

But then, so should I.  In my defense, my Italian is absolutely deplorable. Embarrassing, really, for a third generation Italian-American (on my mother’s mother’s side).

Fortunately the Palace has Mr. Pettit around to hold us to the very high standards to which we aspire — a service he provides at no extra charge, and for which we are most grateful.

BTW, Iceland is still fucking awesome.

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