Palace contingent: not arrested!

Yes, I know this is serious shit.  But can I just say this?  I had a freaking ball at Foley Square.  I loved the energy, the protest signs, the chants, the music.  A gospel choir did an original number, and even I couldn’t resist laughing my godless ass off at “Can I get a Rev-o-lu-jah!”


Iris's jacket.

It was amazing that anyone could hear anything at all, with the phalanx of helicopters hovering and circling above.  The police presence was heavy.  Tonight, as always, I was friendly and courteous with many of the officers I encountered.  I’m hardly a reliable sample, but they were friendly and courteous to me and to Mr. Born.  I wore a sign on the back of my jacket.  (More on why here.)  People seemed to like it, and a few took pictures.

I am occupying my bed right now!


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