Myth busting.

New 2011 American Atheists billboard.

Last year godbots were apoplectic when American Atheists put up a billboard by the Lincoln Tunnel just in time for Christmas that said “You know it’s a myth. This season, celebrate reason!”  It was such a smashing success at making tiny little heads explode that they’re putting up another one this year.  In my opinion it needs more goddesses — preferably partially nude ones — but hey, that’s just a nitpick.

No doubt this year the cries of persecution will once again be led by Bill Donohue, president (and sole member as far as we can tell) of the Catholic League.*  Last year he wailed to The New York Times:

Mr. Donohue said he thought American Atheists singled out Christianity over other religions, noting that their billboard was “not attacking Ramadan.”

“They believe in nothing, they stand for nothing, and they think we came from nothing,” he said, “so they have to crib off Christians.”

In response to the godless group’s 2010 campaign, an anonymous donor paid $18,500 to put up a countering billboard nearby on behalf of Bill Donohue’s “group”:  it depicts Mary and Sweet Baby Jesus, and says “You know it’s real.  This season, celebrate Jesus.”  I guess they believe in sky fairies, they stand for delusions, and they think we came from dirt, so they have to crib off atheists?

Donohue also told the Times last year that the Mary-and-Sweet-Baby-Jesus billboard

was not intended as “a statement against atheists or agnostics, most of whom are good people,” but as a repudiation to “aggressive, militant atheism” that he believes is growing increasingly prevalent in America.

Bravo, aggressive, militant atheists.  Someone’s got to counter the millions of aggressive, militant Christians — especially the ones running for President.

Better grab some popcorn.  2011 is shaping up to be a jolly good show.

*As everyone now knows, thanks to the Palace’s World Exclusive, Bill Donohue is the same person as U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.  The Pulitzer Prize committee inexplicably overlooked our groundbreaking, shocking story, and none of the mainstream media even picked it up.  Still, it’s satisfying enough to provide my loyal readers with the type of hard-hitting reporting they can find nowhere else on the web.

2 thoughts on “Myth busting.

  1. I’m not sure about that, Rob. For one thing almost everyone can be called an atheist, first before indoctrination (either actively forced or passively absorbed from one’s community), and second with respect to countless deities, all of which are disbelieved by vast numbers of religious people, and with astonishing certainty. But more importantly, it is painfully clear that being an atheist does not preclude being an asshole. See e.g. here, and here.

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