CREDO takes a nice shot at the DCCC.

As loyal readers are well aware, the Palace regularly receives many missives from the DSCC and DCCC, all of which fail to solicit a single red cent from the Palace Treasury.  This is because, for reasons I have previously explained at length, I am not interested in electing Democrats.  I am interested in electing liberals.

The Palace also receives a regular barrage of emails from various progressive groups, such as, NOW, and PCCC.  One of the more interesting correspondents is CREDO, a mobile phone company that promotes progressive values, unlike AT&T and the rest who give money to flaming wingnuts like Rick Perry.  CREDO’s emails are timely and politically astute, and the email I received today is a shining example:

Dear Iris:

The House of Representatives voted to let women die by passing a bill that would make it legal for hospitals to refuse to perform a life-saving abortion on a woman as an emergency procedure.

In response to that vote, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) sent out a fundraising email asking supporters to donate to help protect the health of women.

But three out of fifteen of the DCCC’s top candidates who would receive that money voted to let women die.

It is shameful that the DCCC is using these horrible attacks on women’s lives as a chance to fill their own coffers with the money of supporters who are genuinely angry about the war extremists in Congress are waging against women.

Not only is it hypocritical for the DCCC not to mention that the money raised for their women’s health fund will be going directly to three anti-choice candidates, but it is simply wrong that they are funding candidates who are so anti-choice that they voted for a bill that would let women die in a hospital without any intervention.

I received that fundraising email yesterday.  It was from Nancy Pelosi, who for some strange reason has not responded to the last missive I sent to her.  In that earlier exchange, I asked her to please let me know how exactly the DCCC would “hold accountable” the sixteen Democrats who voted for H.R. 3, a hideous piece of anti-choice legislation that Ms. Pelosi correctly characterized as “waging an outrageous war against millions of women and their private health decisions.”  Yet under the pretext of holding extremist Republicans accountable for their reprehensible votes, the DCCC would spend whatever funds the Palace might give it helping to reelect those sixteen Democrats?

I don’t fucking think so.

Along comes the equally evil H.R. 358 — dubbed “The Let Women Die Act,” because it would allow hospitals and medical personnel to refuse to perform life-saving abortions, thereby letting women die unnecessarily from pregnancy complications — which passed the House in a vote on Thursday, 251 to 172.  The 251 misogynist monsters included fifteen Democrats, a fact that Ms. Pelosi mysteriously failed to mention in yesterday’s fundraising email.

CREDO gets it.  They’ve started an online petition calling bullshit:

The DCCC’s two-faced messaging must stop. If they care about protecting women’s health, then they need to stop funding extreme anti-choice candidates — and if they want to fund those anti-woman candidates, then they need to stop running fundraising campaigns that use attacks on women’s health to solicit contributions from pro-choice activists.

Tell the DCCC: You can’t have it both ways. Either stop fundraising off attacks on women’s health or stop fundraising for anti-choice Democrats who want to let women die.  Click here to automatically sign the petition.

I have no idea whether petition drives such as this one will have any affect on the DCCC’s disingenuous fundraising tactics, but I do think they can serve a larger purpose:  calling attention to the difference between a liberal and a Democrat.  It is precisely this kind of knowledge that can get people voting, funding, or running in primaries against conservative Democratic incumbents who enjoy the full support of the DCCC.

Nancy Pelosi is a very smart woman, who certainly knows that fifteen of her conservative Democratic colleagues voted for H.R. 358.  She should know better than to lend her name to a tactic as slimy as this fundraising email.  It’s beyond insulting.  Those of us who care deeply about access to abortion are well aware of the Forced Birth Brigades within the Democratic Party.  Why on Earth would we do anything to support these @$$holes?  Here they are:

Congressmen Jason Altmire (PA), Sanford Bishop (GA), Dan Boren (OK), Jerry Costello (IL), Mark Critz (PA), Henry Cuellar (TX), Joe Donnelly (IN), Tim Holden (PA), Dan Lipinski (IL), Jim Matheson (UT), Mike McIntyre (NC), Nick Rahall (WVA), Mike Ross (AR), Collin Petersen (MN), and Heath Shuler (D-NC).

Democrat Dan Lipinski of Illinois is a lead co-sponsor of the bill.  Two Republicans voted against it:  Reps. Judy Biggert of Illinois and Richard Hanna of New York.  I’m sure the Teabaggers will make mincemeat out of them in the next primary election.  What remains to be seen is whether liberals will ever co-opt the Teabagger tactic, starve the beast that is the DCCC, and instead fund liberal primary opponents running against these @$$holes.  To that end, CREDO’s spot-on messaging can only help.

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