Catfood Commission update: what digby said.


The irony is that we already tried this. Bill Clinton erased the deficit and left a surplus just ten years ago. It was gone! He thought he was finally vanquishing the “tax and spend liberal” label and that Democrats could never again be accused of being irresponsible stewards of the nation’s economy.

The minute the Republicans took charge they spent it all on tax cuts, goodies for corporations and illegal, useless wars, racking up trillions more in debt. That whole thing worked out so well they’re going to re-run it, only this time instead of “protecting social security first” they’re rushing to be the ones to “destroy social security first.” Then surely the Republicans won’t ever be able to call them irresponsible again. Right?

The good news is that the wealthy celebrity gasbags are all on board. Today they were positively giddy with delight that we were finally getting down to doing what Andrea Mitchell said was necessary nearly two years ago:

  • Andrea Mitchell: It does go beyond rhetoric. [Obama] needs to engage the American people in this joint venture. That’s part of the call. That’s part of what he needs to accomplish in his spech and in the days following the speech. He needs to make people feel that this is their venture as well and that people are going to need to be more patient and have to contribute and that there will have to be some sacrifice.
  • And certainly, if he is serious about what he told the Washington Post last week, that he wants to take on entitlement reform, there will be greater sacrifice required from a nation already suffering from economic crisis — to ask people to take a look at their health care and their other entitlements and realize that for the long term health and vitality of the country we’re going to have to give up something that we already enjoy.

I’m quite sure that she and her husband Alan Greenspan have been busily clipping coupons and collecting cans and bottles in anticipation of this moment. Never let it be said they aren’t willing to pitch in.

(And don’t tell anyone, but they’re having a big party at their house tonight to celebrate the fact that none of the parasites noticed that there wasn’t even one “sacrifice” required of the Masters of the Universe and John Galts who make this country great.)

The Palace’s invitation to the Greenspans’ soiree has apparently gotten lost in the mail.  Otherwise, it sounds exactly right to me.

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